Judith Booth

  Spending 32 years as a doctor honed Judith's observational skills. The subtle nuances of expression and physical appearance give clues to a persons inner thoughts. As close observation is a key element in medicine and art alike, it was natural Judith fell in...

Kristin Rawcliffe

  Kristin creates portraits and figure paintings in oils. She uses traditional techniques with the addition of vibrant colour, that make them truly unique and packed with life, expression and emotion. Kristin talks of how she had zero confidence and was trying to...

Lotti Rawle

    Lotti is a full time artist and abuse survivor. She is a proud activist and feminist, speaking up for the rights of women folx. Painting is therapy to Lotti and she’s currently working on a collection where she metaphorically removes the censor tape to...

Hannah Webber

  Hannah is a British portrait artist based in Leicestershire, whose work explores the psychological experiences of being human, describing unspoken thoughts and emotions. She works in acrylic and mixed media on linen.About HANNAHTell US about you and your artI’m...

Jane Powell

  Growing up in rural Worcestershire, UK, Jane has always found joy in big landscapes. As a child, she had a special place at the top of their lane where she would sit and could see for miles. But being in the landlocked Midlands gave Jane a hankering after the...

Heidi Schaffner

  Heidi is makes art that expresses the joy and colour she see's in animals and nature. She paints animals because of their unique look or that cheeky expression that conveys something to the viewer.  Heidi currently travels in her motorhome with her husband...



I believe there is a place for everyone in the art world, and it is possible at any stage and any age to bring your creative passions alive.



 I am so pleased to welcome you to United Artspace.

Maybe you’re returning to art following a long break or discovering art for the first time. Maybe you’ve been making art for a long time and want to make it a living, but feel frustrated as you’re not getting anywhere?

This is why I created United Artspace. A place to bring people who love making art together, because I believe there is a place for everyone in the art world and together we are stronger.

I have worked with thousands of artists who said they were scared to put their work into the world. They were scared to call themselves an artist. They were terrified to sell and put a price on their work. Fast forward to today, these once terrified artists are now confidently making and selling work they are proud of.

It all came from a seed of wanting to make art in the first place. It all starts there.

Maybe you want to explore art as a hobby, find your voice again, or learn how to make money from your creative passion.

Whatever your reason for making art, I have created lots of resources and a global community of art lovers, to help you along your journey.


Michelle Lloyd
Founder of United ArtSpace


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“A fantastic group which has given me loads of support and confidence to get out there and show people what I do.
If I need help, all I have to do is ask and artists from all over the world will offer advice. I have recently been interviewed for the Behind the Sketchbook, showcasing my journey thanks guys!”


Nigel Proud

United Kingdom

“This is truly the most authentic, supportive and inspiring group I’ve ever encountered. In fact, The Virtual Art Studio is an answer to a life-long prayer and has given me so much hope in believing that it’s never too late to still do something with the creativity I was blessed with!”


Shiralee Siebert

South Africa

“I love that it’s a friendly supportive inclusive group regardless of what level of experience you have. I love the monthly challenges and the live stream videos. I took part in the Make Your Mark course and learned so much. I have been inspired by Michelle Sharon and other members of the group. It’s awesome!”


Jackie Wrigley


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