We are an artist run organisation with a mission to inspire, support & connect people from around the world who love creating visual art.

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We work with makers, artists & designers in the area of visual arts. Even if you don’t feel ready to call yourself an artist, you are more than welcome to join us! We have people in our group at the very beginning of their journey to artists who are established and make and sell art full time….and everyone in between..

Highly recommended

Michelle and Sharon are always working on something special to do. Making this site a great art family to belong to. With the Visual Art Studio being a safe place to share and belong. Thank you ladies x

~ Cindy Rowe Dicks

Great community

Great community. . Always help when you need it. Best thing I did was to join this group.

~ Trevor Field


I really wanted to become more involved in the art world but lacked direction and knowledge. Since Joining this group i have evolved my own style, grown in confidence and i am now looking forward to exhibiting my work in the summer. This group is friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable and their challenges keep you inspired throughout the year whether you are a beginner, a practised artist or just doing it for fun. Brilliant inspiration from Michelle, Sharon and artists around the world.

~ Annette Netty Jane


The members’ Hub is the place to be if you want to learn more about the professional side of being an artist.  The Hub is an online resource where guest experts teach and guide artists how to build self belief, whilst finding the best place to show and sell art.


Our signature art course is Make your Mark and this is perfect for people who want to start a new piece of work or a new collection. Make your Mark takes you through the whole process of developing ideas and experimenting with techniqies and the formal elements of art.  No formal training is required. You can learn more here.


…there is a place for everyone in the art world
but fear is the biggest thing that holds artists back. We hate to see fear limiting the potential of artists because we know, if you really want to do or be something, you absolutely can.


Hear what some of our members have to say about us.

“A fantastic group which has given me loads of support and confidence to get out there and show people what I do.
If I need help, all I have to do is ask and artists from all over the world will offer advice. I have recently been interviewed for the Behind the Sketchbook, showcasing my journey thanks guys!”


Nigel Proud

United Kingdom

“This is truly the most authentic, supportive and inspiring group I’ve ever encountered. In fact, The Virtual Art Studio is an answer to a life-long prayer and has given me so much hope in believing that it’s never too late to still do something with the creativity I was blessed with!”


Shiralee Siebert

South Africa

“I love that it’s a friendly supportive inclusive group regardless of what level of experience you have. I love the monthly challenges and the live stream videos. I took part in the Make Your Mark course and learned so much. I have been inspired by Michelle Sharon and other members of the group. Its awesome!”


Jackie Wrigley



Whatever your reasons for making art, we believe you and your work have a place in this world. Our aim is to help you find your purpose by making art that fuels your passion, impacts people emotionally whilst showing and selling to people who love what you do.

Behind The Sketchbook

Behind the Sketchbook is a collection of stories from other visual artists who are in the same boat as you. You can read stories from people all around the world who love to create art.

Shiralee Siebert

Shiralee Siebert

Shiralee is a portrait artist from South Africa and in this interview we talk about her biggest struggles, lessons and achievements since discovering art as a child. Well worth a listen as I am sure you will all relate.       If you would like to see...

Lloyd Lewis

Lloyd Lewis

    Former world champion kick boxer, Lloyd Lewis joined me for a chat about how life has dealt him some pretty hard knocks. In this interview we discuss how Lloyd has overcome these knocks and his dream of being in the National Portrait Gallery.  ...

Cindy Dicks

Cindy Dicks

    Cindy is an illustrator who 1 year ago had no belief in herself and had no clue what direction she was going in, then a turn of events changed all of that. This is a great interview that reinforces you have no idea what is around the corner    ...

Odette Riley

Odette Riley

    In this interview I chat with South African artist, Odette Riley. Odette creates doodle drawings straight from her subconscious, without planning. It took her a long time to connect with her passion and strengths, have a listen and find out why........

Joe Rivera

Joe Rivera

  In this interview Joe shares his number one piece of advice for artists and also the number one thing that has helped him excel in the last year. This interview is full of great advice you don't want to miss.       If you would like to see more...

Lana Miller Caywood

Lana Miller Caywood

  Lana has been making art for 40 years now! We could have chatted with Lana all day long about her experiences, this 15 minute interview gives you a quick glimpse behind the scenes of Lana's studio and she also shares some great advice for other artists.  ...

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