WHY and WHAT?!

In this video we will talk about ingredient 2 & 3, which are your WHY and WHAT.

When you connect with these two factors it will help massively with:

– Copywriting (bio, statements, website about page etc.)
– Talking about your work
– Making sure you are creating work that is authentic
– Finding who is gong to connect with your work
– Selling in a no ‘salesey’ way – stories sell and connecting with you WHY and WHAT will help sell

Don’t miss the next video on Friday as we will talk about how all these pieces link together and will lead you to people who will connect with your work.

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Learn the 7 key ingredients you need to find your own unique path in the art world.

In this video we chat about the number one thing that holds people back and the artist who made $250,000 from one piece of work!

Join me in this video where we will talk about the next 2 ingredients your WHO and WHERE. Vital if you want to sell your work.

Join me in this video where we will talk about how you can put all this into place so you can make 2018 your best yet

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