Behind the Sketchbook

Alessa Meloni

Originally from Sardinia and now living in Dublin, Ireland Alessia has practised art since she was 14. In this interview she talks about the challenges she faces, who inspires her and how it felt to be part of a group exhibition recently.

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About You

How did you get into art and making?

I’ve always loved drawing, but I started studying art since I was 14 years old in Italy. I graduated in Fine Arts and studied Design

About Your Art

What art do you like to make?

I mostly sketch and draw, I prefer being graphical

What materials do you use?

Paper, ballpoint pens, watercolour, coloured pencils, linoleum, glass, iron wire, fabric and threads

How would you describe yourself?

I’d describe myself as a trained art lover, using different media to express herself

What or who inspires and influences your work?

Two of my favourite artists are Toulouse-Lautrec and Keith Haring. I like street and urban art, and contemporary art in general

How have you and your work changed over time?

I can’t honestly say this, I think I have improved my technique with a good amount of practice

What challenges have you faced along the way?

The biggest challenges I am still facing are depression, social anxiety, low self-esteem and self-judgement

Your Achievements

What has been your biggest achievement/s so far? No matter how big or small?

I’ve shown two works on a group exhibition and have had loads of positive feedback from the audience

How did it feel to experience this achievement?

It’s such a good feeling! I’m so honoured, it’s unbelievable

What difficulties, doubts or fears did you face and how did you overcome them?

Am I good enough to sell? Does anyone care about my art? There are so many talented artists out there, why people should buy my art? Do I have anything interesting to say?

What or who has helped you in your journey?

The Virtual Art Studio has helped me so far, when I was stuck or insecure. My friends and some strangers helped me too with their comments, support and feedback

If someone could wave a magic wand and make amazing things happen for you, what would be your dream?

I’d love to be more self-confident, not fearing of failing or being rejected

What is your biggest piece of advice for other artists?

Keep practicing. Whenever I keep drawing or I’m involved into art, I feel better and my mind has new ideas

Would you like to learn more about selling and marketing your work?

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