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Anarkali joined The Hub with little confidence and no idea how to take her art forward, she thought nobody would be interested in it.  I am so glad she joined The Hub as it’s been a pleasure showing her how wrong she was, and recently she sold 8 pieces of original works in a pop-up and she has work in a NYC restaurant, I asked her if she would share her story with you, here it is:


Tell US about you and your art

I was born in Paris and grew up there but now live in London. Art has always been part of my life growing up and I had parents who encouraged this passion, so that as kids my brother and I were always drawing on whatever piece of paper we could find and we would get into trouble because we sometimes used paper in my dad’s office which contained his work! I worked in the corporate world for 20 years having done a degree in Political Economy and Sociolgy and then a masters in Politics. I decided to ditch this world when it was no longer fun and return to my passion of art.

I retrained at City & Guilds School of Art in London and also started an art studio business with 2 partners, teaching art to both adults and children. In my own practice, I do figurative work, architectural drawing, paintings which reflect my extensive travel experiences. My work is cross cultural and has a familial link to India. I love negative space and this is often reflected in my work. I paint in oil and draw with ink pens or pastels. These are effectively my media. My aim with my work is to transport the viewers back into nostalgia and personal experiences.

Behind the Sketchbook


I am certainly more confident about my art and that it has value. The Hub has made me focus on being more disciplined about creating series of work rather than just ad hoc pieces. I have learned to write stories about each piece or series. The great thing I achieved in 2018 was to get a bio, statement and elevator pitch together and this has helped me in putting together an artist statement for 3 pieces that are now showing at my cousin’s restuarnt in New York!

Before the Hub, I would not have

a) had the courage to ask my cousin if I could have my work on his restaurant wall.
b) had a cohesive and coherent artist statement.
c) started an Instagram account and put my work out into the big wide world of social media.
d) no idea how to price my work.

I do not create art with the specific aim to be commercial. On a personal level, painting and drawing is just a pure joy for me, when I shut out the world and just immerse myself in the creativity. However, it is true that I am now more focussed in putting together a cohesive series of work that I can market and exhibit. I have a better undertsanding of who my customers are and where I should be targetting to get the works shown.

It is hard work, but at least I know how to approach the task to achieve my artistic goals.

Since joining the Hub, I also find I talk a lot more about my art, my goals and how to achieve them with my own circle of friends and family and brainstorming with people who are not artistic is such a valuable way of getting new ideas and information!

Behind the Sketchbook

What was life like before you found THE UNITED ARTSPACE HUB?

Artwise, a bit rudderless. I had no idea how to take my art forward or how I could make a living out of it. I thought no one would be interested in my art, had self doubt and no confidence in putting it out there.

What have you found most useful during your time in the Hub?

The 7 key ingredients are such a godsend. They really focus your mind and make you think. I did not find the lessons easy at first, because I was not quite sure how they would help me. But listening to the live sessions and other artists commenting, it all started to make sense and i could see their value. I went back to the lessons and started to think through each lesson. It is not something you do once and never revisit again.
You find yourself going through the lessons again and again. What is great is that as you develop yourself as an artist and with what you want to achieve with your art, your focus on each ingredient develops accordingly and changes. And as an artist, as time goes by, you do change and develop as well.
Michelle is such a fab leader of the Hub. She is so supportive and you can ask her any questions and she will always come back with advice, hints, where to go to research etc… The group of artists who make up the hub are such a great bunch of people. It is lovely to be part of an art community and to share our ups and downs, furstrations and joys with this group. It is truly a very kind, supportive group and I also have learnt lots from them. I have also made friends with some of them.

Where are you now compared to when you joined?

As an individual, I do now believe my art is worth something to someone. As an artist, so much more confident not only in my mark making but I am also willing to get oustide my comfort zone and experiment. I cannot say that I am always positive in my mindset and there are things which scare me. I know I have to market, sell and exhibit this year. I started off well with the 3 pieces in my cousin’s restaurant since 10th January. I also have potentially an event where I can show my works and this is pencilled in for May. But there is still so much more I can do to market myself better. I know Michelle has lessons on this coming up so looking forward to these to get me going. Friendship wise, there are, as I said above, fabulous people in the Hub and I am so glad that some have developed into friendships whereby I can message them and ask advise or send them links to help them and vice versa. I have even exchanged art wok with one of them!

What has this made possible for you?

Belief in myself and feeling supported. Being more confident and actually saying out loud to people that I am an artists. Knowing you are not alone. The Hub showing where to look for opportunities (and sometimes not in the obvious places).
Behind the Sketchbook

Did you have any hesitations about joining The Hub?

No none at all. Best thing I have done in ages and best money I have spent!

Do you have a message for anyone thinking of joining us?

Just join. You will never regret it.

If you could send advice back to yourself 3 years ago, what would you tell yourself?

Don’t lose faith, believe in yourself. You will sell (I did in the last 2 years) and you will develop as an artist. Just enjoy the adventure.
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