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How do you price your work?

How Do You Price Your Work? I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been asked this question over the last six, seven years. Pricing can trip people up and it can actually stop people from pushing their art out into the world and selling it because they just don’t know the next steps to […]

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Which Platform Should You Sell Your Art On?

 We have so many choices in today’s world when it comes to where to be online and where to sell: LinkedIn Twitter Instagram Facebook YouTube TikTok Pinterest Etsy The list goes on but it can sometimes lead to FOMO and huge fatigue as we navigate our way around all of this and what to […]

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What kind of art sells for the most $$$?

Have you ever considered changing the medium you use as it might sell for more money? When I was at art school I moved away from ink work as I got the impression from ‘everyone else’ that this wasn’t REAL art. If I wanted to sell, I needed to learn how to master oils. Now, […]

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How Long Does It Take To Make A Living From Art?

You may be new to selling and wonder how long it takes to make a solid living from art. Or, you may have been trying to sell for years and you are wondering if this is normal and how long you should continue. This is the topic I am covering in this post: How long […]

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Does the cost of an artwork define its success?

I was recently told if I help an artist reach a million in sales I have succeeded. This got me thinking about how other people’s opinions of success and what we do can make us derail or shrivel up in silence as we feel inferior or like we don’t belong. Have you ever felt that? […]

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Should people take a % when they sell your art?

We put a lot of work into making our art, to then have someone else sell it and give them 50% of the money when they didn’t make it can feel crap. Hub members  This question came in via one of our Hub members this week. This member had their artwork in a cafe. There […]

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Will Someone Buy Your Artwork?

 Over the years I’ve had artwork sent to me from people desperate to know if their work will sell. I get it, we don’t want to pour our heart and soul into creating art and pursue selling it to lead to failure and disappointment. But, there is not one person on the planet who […]

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The Difference Between a Statement And a Bio

How do you write a statement and bio? Do you need a bio or statement? What’s the difference between a statement and a bio? Your work won’t always speak for itself, so statements and bios can really help you connect with your audience and help people understand what you do. As an artist with dyslexia, […]

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Why Do People Devalue Art?

 Have you ever experienced this?? Someone asks you what you do and when you say ‘Artist’, they then ask if you can create art for the local society or other worthy cause – free of charge of course!!! Or, someone likes your art and you give them the price and they then offer you […]

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How To Get More Eyeballs On Your Website

You have poured your heart and soul into your website and now it is sitting there and you are not sure what to do next. Or, maybe you are not sure if you even need a website. A website is a great asset and I am excited to share some tips with you so you […]

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