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Are you Incompetent?

As I film my last ever episode in the room I began in 7 years ago, I reflect on the journey.   When I first started filing and recording 7 years ago, I felt like an imposter, a fraud and incompetent.   I had friends film with me as I was terrified to do it […]

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Getting Started with NFT’s – Capucine Jenkins

Capucine Jenkins is a trailblazing digital art curator who is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of NFTs and the blockchain.   Before she started working with NFTs, our guest honed her skills at several prestigious museums, including the High Museum of Art in Atlanta.   She remains passionate about nurturing artists […]

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Behind the Sketchbook with Laura Rainbow

Three years ago, Laura dreamed of becoming a full-time artist, and today she is living the dream! Laura sells her original works, hosts workshops, has been on TV, radio and in magazines – she wakes up most mornings pinching herself to make sure this is really happening. Based in Croatia and working in clay, Laura […]

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Behind the Sketchbook with Nish Shah

Overcoming self-doubt and reigniting passion for art. This is what we are talking about today with our special guest, Nish Shah. A self-taught artist who has been creating art from a young age, finding solace and comfort in the process. However, crippling self-doubt caused Nish to put his passion on hold for three decades, until […]

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Behind the Sketchbook with Simone Paterson

Have you ever felt like you are just not getting anywhere?? Especially when it comes to selling?? In today’s episode, it was a pleasure to speak with Dr Simone Paterson who spent many years feeling like she had lost her soul. Today Simone is a full time artist, having had solo shows, a feature in […]

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Behind the Sketchbook with Carole Ince

Today’s special guest is a multimedia artist inspired by people, places and community.   With a love of clay and oil paint Carole Ince celebrates the uniqueness of people and captures life as it unfolds.   Tuning in from Canada, I thought you will enjoy hearing some real talk.   Carole has solid collections of […]

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How to Kickstart your Art

Have you ever felt a creative block? Those moments when you feel like you want to make art, but you can’t get going?? Or, you are all fired up making and then boom, you lose interest and get bored. Inspiration runs dry. You panic that maybe you had a lucky streak and your art-making days […]

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How should we feel about using AI to create art?

There is so much talk everywhere about AI and using it to create art.⁠ Anyone can create poetry, music, art, books – the list goes on.⁠ What does this mean to us as artists? How will this impact us? How should we feel about all of this??⁠ In today’s episode, I talk about ways you […]

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The Guilt From Making Art

 I sat at the table carving stone and felt a rush of excitement.  I haven’t felt this connected to my art-making in a long time. So, it took me by surprise when my head jumped into thoughts like: What if I love this too much and need to close down UAS What if I […]

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Lessons from my 15 year old sculpture

I am moving house soon so the shed needed a clear out. 8 years of ‘stuff’ accumulated and it was interesting what I pulled out.   It was full of paint pots, deck chairs, sewing machine, old trainers – the list goes on.  I pulled all this ‘stuff’ out and then my heart stopped…   […]

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