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Is A Subscription Membership Right For Your Art?

 Being paid to: Have a community of people around you. Make art all day. Use your studio space. Learn from you. Have a break. These are some of the ways you can create a membership platform where people pay you on a monthly, quarterly, 6 monthly, or annual basis. I know this sounds incredibly […]

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Becoming An Artist With Bonny Snowdon – LIVE

Wow – this was a bumper LIVE episode as we talked with artist, Bonny Snowdon. Bonny broke down her whole journey from not making art in 30 years to self-taught, fully booked artist with thousands of students. Bonny kindly shared how she managed to increase her pricing by building a waitlist and managed to exit […]

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How To Make Extra Income From Your Creativity

This was a live podcast where I brought in my mentor, Stu McLaren. We talked about my past and how Stu has impacted my life in the most profound way ever. We talk about how you can use your creativity to impact others and make money at the same time. Imagine being paid to make […]

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The Free Training That Changed My Life And Income

In today’s podcast, I set out to talk in-depth about how a free training I took back in 2016 changed my life in the most profound way. Although I do talk about it – I don’t go into detail as I find it emotional to talk about. To think that back in 2016, when I […]

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How My Son Sold His First Artwork

My son was getting quite angry and upset as he wanted to buy an Xbox but didn’t have the money.  We can all relate, I am sure – there are many things I want but don’t have the money 🙂 So, our motto is every problem has a solution – and so we created a […]

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Your mistakes are adding more value to your art

What if I told you the mistakes you make are increasing the value of your art? We often disregard our mistakes, which can impact our confidence negatively.  Yet, our trials and errors are what make our art great. This is what I talk about in today’s episode. What if you are a beginner? With no […]

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Making Art That Sells

Making art that sells – a term some people love and for some it brings feelings of guilt, shame and a sense of selling your soul. This week, I explore this topic as it relates to making art with the intention of selling. For me two primary considerations contribute towards sales: Making art (or anything) […]

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Bringing your Art to life

I remember looking at my painting and wondering what was wrong with my creation. It didn’t seem right, but I couldn’t determine why. It was like when I had found an inspirational image and tried to replicate what I saw but failed miserably. I’ve taken courses in drawing, acrylic, life drawing, watercolour, textiles, collage, ceramics […]

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Artist Talk – Success since becoming a member of United ArtSpace

A wonderful talk with artists as we delve into the success they have experienced since working with us. We discuss hoe they use the Best Year Yet process and how their journeys have evolved over the years from taking action. Lisa shared how she was shaking like a leaf when it came to sharing her […]

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How other artists design their lives using Best Year Yet

A wonderful live podcast episode where we bring in artists who share how they plan their year ahead. We talk about having goals, not having goal, having a calendar, not having a calendar and all the different ways you can adapt our best Year Yet training to design your life in your own way. A […]

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