It’s our passion to help artists’ feel motivated and inspired. We want to help you continually improve and feel supported whilst doing so. We have various free downloads below, which we hope will help you.

Every month we have a ‘live’ art challenge over in our Facebook Group, The Virtual Art Studio we call these our Free Monthly Art Challenges (FMAC). We have packaged some of the previous art challenges below so you can do them in your own time.

Most of us have had it drummed into us over generations that pursuing an artistic career will lead to financial struggle and misery.  

Yet, the art world is a huge business that needs artists and there is huge potential to make a living.

This eBook will guide you through the many options available to you

Do you enjoy painting, drawing or making some kind of visual art but maybe you are feeling stuck?
We have pulled together a 25 day challenge that is made up of tips and advice from member’s of our Virtual Art Studio.  Our members’ have experienced blocks and have given their tips so we can dish them out to you so you can start feeling creative.
Join our free art group, The VAS, where we have over 3,000 friendly and supportive artist’s working together to make art.  We have regular discussions about making art and everyone is really friendly.
Every month we host a live art challenge to help keep you inspired & motivated.  In the past we have run 14 day drawing challenges, 7 Day Sketchbook Project, Painting classes and lots more.  
This serves as our notice board and you will find a wealth of articles and inspiration.  We also host weekly live Q&A sessions where we have a very informal chat about art and ask any questions you have.