Hannah Kirk


Hannah is a faith based artist from the UK, who didn’t believe she was or could be an artist, and now she is a completely different person living life as an artist, the life she was always supposed to live.


Tell US about you and your art

Faith based art.

Behind the Sketchbook
Behind the Sketchbook

What was life like before you found THE UNITED ARTSPACE HUB?

I didn’t sell or have any confidence in my art. I didn’t even believe I was an artist – or that I could be!

What have you found most useful during your time in the Hub?

The live sessions and the community. I love the 7 keys too – but still working through them as only joined after the last workshops.


Facing the fear, that I am good enough, believing that I am an artist. I’ve sold some paintings and I’m working towards a group exhibition and solo exhibition in 2020!

Where are you now compared to when you joined?

I feel like I have a support system I place. And I feel confident saying I am an artist!

What has this made possible for you?

Opportunities, the encouragement from Michelle and others in the hub, the teaching from Michelle and others, growth mindset, exploring my what was a big turning point for me.

Behind the Sketchbook

Did you have any hesitations about joining The Hub?

Worried about not being good enough. 😁

If so, how has that perception changed now your are a member?

On the whole people have been very encouraging of me and my art.

Do you have a message for anyone thinking of joining us?

Do it!! You won’t regret it – it’s amazing!!

If you could send advice back to yourself 3 years ago, what would you tell yourself?

Join the Hub!! LOL.

If you would like to see more of HANNAH’s work please follow this link:


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