Judith Booth


Spending 32 years as a doctor honed Judith’s observational skills. The subtle nuances of expression and physical appearance give clues to a persons inner thoughts. As close observation is a key element in medicine and art alike, it was natural Judith fell in love with portraiture.

When Judith found UAS she wasn’t sure about pricing, how to find customers, deal with art galleries, do commissions, set up a website. Ten months later, Judith knows how to approach galleries she has an artist statement and bio. She can price her work. She has developed a website and knows how to build up a following on social media. She has exhibited work, been invited to feature in a magazine, and she’s started selling.


Tell US about you and your art

I started painting 2 years ago after I retired and found a connection with portraiture. I did a year long course at an art academy and decided to try to make a second career out of art.

Behind the Sketchbook
Behind the Sketchbook

What was life like before you found THE UNITED ARTSPACE HUB?

I didn’t know how to develop an art career and was signposted to UAS by Stacy, another member. I wasn’t sure about pricing, how to find customers, deal with art galleries, do commissions, set up a website etc. There was so much that I didn’t know and since I love learning, the UAS sounded like the ideal place to learn all this and more







What have you found most useful during your time in the Hub?

All the lessons have been useful. I enjoyed listening to the live sessions. How to do an artist statement and bio has been particularly useful. As have the social media lessons. I like the fact that if you have a problem or query, you can post it inside the hub and get feedback from all the other members straight away. The other hub members are very good at supporting you and cheering you on!


I now feel like an artist instead of an imposter. I feel comfortable with the fact that everyone will not necessarily like my work as they aren’t my “people”. I know how to approach galleries and provide artist statements and bio’s. I can price my work. I know what is needed to set up a website and I know how to build up a following on social media and how to deal with enquiries. I have formed a network with other artists giving me a sense of belonging.

Where are you now compared to when you joined?

I joined about 10 months ago. I feel a lot more confident that I can make a career out of art. I have made connections and friendships. I’ve exhibited work, been invited to feature in a magazine, developed a website and built up my social media following. I’m getting enquiries about commissions and have sold 3 pieces.

What has this made possible for you?

Belief in myself, support from a likeminded community, opportunities arising and my own desire to feel as though I matter and still have something to contribute now that I have retired.

Behind the Sketchbook

Did you have any hesitations about joining The Hub?

I was only concerned about the price and wondered if it was worth it.

If so, how has that perception changed now your are a member?

I feel that I have learned a lot and it has been worth the investment so far. As the course is on a repeat cycle , and I’ve been through 2 cycles, I have had reservations about how much more there is to learn and thinking about leaving the group temporarily. However, Michelle has been adding new and useful lessons to the hub, for example, the social media lessons, so it is still worthwhile for me to stay for now.

Do you have a message for anyone thinking of joining us?

It’s worth joining to feel part of a welcoming and supportive group of likeminded people all cheering you along. You will learn things that you didn’t know were important and you have a place to find out answers to your questions. You will develop confidence and a sense of fulfillment in your work.

If you could send advice back to yourself 3 years ago, what would you tell yourself?

Retire earlier!!

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