Behind the Sketchbook

June Bensted

In this interview we meet June Bensted. June loves working in oils, acrylics & pastels.  In this interview June talks of fears, her dreams and the feeling of exhibiting and selling her work.

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About You

How did you get into art and making?

Have always felt that somewhere deep inside me there was an artist trying to get out but somehow perhaps through lack of confidence in myself never managed to bring her to the surface. Retirement allows me the time and confidence to do so.

Behind the Sketchbook
About Your Art

What art do you like to make?

Painting . Still discovering . Try all mediums .

What materials do you use?

Oils, acrylics, pastels

How would you describe yourself?

Ambitious amateur artist

Behind the Sketchbook

What or who inspires and influences your work?

Other artists, both past and present day. Especially landscape and portrait artists

How have you and your work changed over time?

Still is constantly changing. Too slowly for me. Feel I need to rid myself of a lifetime of inhibitions. Somehow this doesn’t happen and my art becomes too controlled.

What challenges have you faced along the way?

Lack of self belief is the main challenge and is a constant battle. Faced everyday ! Lack of technical know how not necessarily ability is a problem. How I so wish I had gone to Art College!

Behind the Sketchbook
Your Achievements

What has been your biggest achievement/s so far? No matter how big or small?

Exhibiting and selling, both in equal measure. Such a thrill having work selected for exhibitions. Albeit local amateur exhibitions !

How did it feel to experience this achievement?

Hugely boosted my self confidence. Gave me a feeling of acceptance as an artist. Helped me to mix more confidently with other artists.

Behind the Sketchbook

What difficulties, doubts or fears did you face and how did you overcome them?

Constant battles with confidence. Fight them every day ! Need constant reassurance from people around me . Deep down I try to tell myself just to paint for me and not worry about everyone else’s opinions. Sometimes it works ,sometimes it doesn’t ! When it does work I just love painting !

What or who has helped you in your journey?

My husband who gives me the space and time to spend immersed in art ! My art tutors who have helped over the past 6,years in so many ways. The realisation that I can just paint for me and me alone and don’t have to worry what other people think . Just enjoy my art .

If someone could wave a magic wand and make amazing things happen for you, what would be your dream?

To have the freedom of mind (and space ) to paint without the inhibitions of a lifetime of parameters bearing down on me ! That inner artist is still fighting to get out!

What is your biggest piece of advice for other artists?

Enjoy your art. Push all the demons out of the way and just have fun!

If you would like to see more of June’s work please follow this link:

Facebook @myartjunebensted

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