Tell us about you and your art

I’m Lotti. I’m 31, a full-time artist and an abuse survivor. I’m a proud feminist activist and speaking up for the rights of women folx is a huge part of what drives me to create. Painting is a therapy for me. I’m currently working on a collection where I metaphorically remove the censor tape and -free the nipple- through my paintings, sharing women’s stories along with their paintings.

What has been your biggest lesson?

I have regained my confidence and found a new (and true) voice through my art which spurs me on and has reignited my passion for art.

Before the Hub…

I was drawing traditional style portraits full time, which I had lost my passion for as my abuser forced me to work day and night doing this, seven days a week, while he kept all the money. The business I had built for myself no longer felt like my own and just triggered memories of that dark time. I was heading into a dark place when I found United Artspace.

What have you found most useful during your time in the Hub?

The community is amazing as they keep you accountable and offer support all the way, and you make firm friends fast! “The 7 key ingredients” are totally unique and incredibly valuable. I regularly check over where I’m at and which ingredient I need to be focusing on, and this is how I’ve been able to find a completely new direction in my art – I’ve never been more passionate about my work!

Where are you now compared to when you joined?

I feel I’ve found my purpose and by remaining in the membership, I have the continued opportunity to grow, develop and stay fresh. I have made friends for life, understand myself and my work better than ever and feel worthy as an artist.

What has this made possible for you?

Renewed passion, self-belief and drive to succeed. All of which has come from UAS.


Did you have any hesitations about joining the Hub? 

I wasn’t sure I would make the time to do the classes, keep up with the live videos, or be able to afford the monthly cost.

Do you have a message for anyone thinking of joining us?

You are worth investing in. Before I joined, I questioned whether I really “needed” to spend that much a month, but I now see that I am worth the self-investment. My business would have remained stagnant without this. So just go for it and watch yourself bloom!

If so, how has that perception changed now you are a member?

The membership has beyond paid for itself. I’ve already earned a heap more financially as a direct result of my progress in the group, than the membership cost, and I only joined in October! I dip into the classes as and when I can – there’s no schedule to keep on top of so you can’t “fall behind” so that helps keep pressure off.

If you could send advice back to yourself 3 years, what would you tell yourself? 

Believe in yourself. Shut out the negative voices. You can do this.