Behind the Sketchbook

Maureen King

Maureen King is a painter from Scotland, UK.  Art was never encouraged as a child and Maureen was expected to just leave school and get a job.  She now paints regularly, has made her first sale and has even dropped a day at work so she can spend more time creating.

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About You

How did you get into art and making?

My husband encouraged me to pick up my paintbrush after many years ..but I’ve always been a doodler !
About Your Art

What art do you like to make?

Depends on time and how i’m feeling. Mostly stuff that’s been hanging around my head for a while . This week its elephants but last week it was fairgrounds. I have to mix it up because I get bored too easily. I can be also quite impatient which is never good when doing watercolours.

What materials do you use?

Mostly Acrylic and watercolour.. sometimes I’ll try something else if i think the composition needs it. I have used modelling paste, nail varnish..and old dishcloths before.

How would you describe yourself?

Self taught late starter

What or who inspires and influences your work?

Anything has the potential to inspire if its eyecatching or evokes feelings.. most of the ideas kind of form though when I’m either relaxing or surrounded by nature..Sometimes the ideas come just before I fall asleep. I think that stems from the fact that the dark scared me if i was on my own as a kid ( still does a bit ) so my coping mechanism was to think and visualise nice things !

How have you and your work changed over time?

That’s difficult to say as I’ve missed many years of painting and only revisited in the last couple of years. What I would like to see evolve is a better ability in drawing people and expressions ..

What challenges have you faced along the way?

Sheesh ! A few .. firstly my family more precisely parents .. as a child I was expected to leave school and get a job.. art was never encouraged – academia was they way forward .. ! Family commitments, work and mortgage are also good creativity blockers ! There are some defining moments in my life that have altered the way I look at things . More recently my Dads passing away and changes at work . When I was a young teen my brother was in a fatal accident .. this had a very profound effect on all of the family . I would say that it left me introverted for a long time. During which time I went along with decisions and opinions of others in a very passive way.
Your Achievements

What has been your biggest achievement/s so far? No matter how big or small?

My first website sale. Where I was paid what I was asking to be paid !

How did it feel to experience this achievement?

Validation and it’s good to know at least one other person thinks my work is ok.

What difficulties, doubts or fears did you face and how did you overcome them?

Self doubt & wondering will I be able to pay mortgage ?

What or who has helped you in your journey?

My husband and sons have been supportive. I have dropped a day at work to allow myself to paint more. Being part of the Virtual Art Studio has played a part in this too. The members are honest encouraging and inspirational. It has been so helpful to take part in the challenges.. and the live feeds allow you to connect with others on a more friendly and personal level.

If someone could wave a magic wand and make amazing things happen for you, what would be your dream?

I dont want everything to happen quickly because actually i enjoy (and need) the journey..

What is your biggest piece of advice for other artists?

Enjoy yourself and please don’t mind others if they are negative .

I don’t want everything to happen quickly because I actually enjoy & need the ‘journey’.

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