Michelle Lloyd

“Without a doubt, art saved me. Art pulled me out of a dark hole of despair, a life filled with panic attacks and self doubt. Art helped me find myself, art helped me heal and art has led me on the most incredible journey ever.
Michelle Lloyd, Founder of United ArtSpace
Following a challenging childhood, I entered adulthood crippled with anxiety and depression. I went from job to job and aways felt dissatisfied, worthless and unhappy.  
I studied business for a while and ended up landing a great job in a homewares design team, within a major UK retailer.  This was a huge turning point for me as at the same time I was diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia.  Finally, I had answers to why my brain felt totally inadequate.
I adored being in a creative environment, and finally decided to take a sabbatical from work and become a full time art student.  I spent 6 years exploring art and my voice, which also served as great therapy.
When I graduated, like most people, I had no idea what to do next. Even after studying business, I didn’t put art and business together.
I missed my uni friends and being around creatives, so after applying for every job going and getting nowhere, I decided to open my own art studio. A place where artists came together to create art.  United Artspace was born.
Initially United ArtSpace was a physical studio, and for 18 months it provided a wonderfully inspiring studio to many people.
My life changed direction once again when I became a mother and I could no longer run the studio.  I remember, during one late night, feeding my son, that I missed running a community and talking about art.  That evening I decided to open a Facebook Group, and called it The Virtual Art Studio.  If I couldn’t run a physical space, I would run a virtual space instead.
United Artspace was re-ignighted and since then it has grown into a 4,500+ community of art lovers from around the world.
What I began to notice time and time again, were artists scared to put themselves out in the world, sitting with a passion and doing nothing with it. I decided to launch The UAS Hobby to Pro Hub, which is my third baby.
Finally, the dots in my life began to add up. My experiences from working in the creative industries for the last 15 years has enabled me to help thousands of artists from around the world.


If I can do it, so can you

I have received hundreds, if not thousands of messages over the years to say how United Artspace has changed their lives. Art is powerful, it heals, evokes and helps us both question and understand.

Without a doubt, art saved me. Art pulled me up from a dark hole of despair, a life filled with panic attacks and self doubt. Art helped me find myself, art helped me heal and art has led me on the most incredible journey ever.

That is where my passion for connecting people who love making art comes from. Community is also powerful as we are stronger together.

I love helping people unlock their potential and help them make a living doing what they love.

If I can do it, so can you.

If you really want to do or be something, you can

I believe that if you are really passionate and dedicated to what you want to do, anything is possible.
And don’t get me wrong, I know how hard it can be. This is why when the going gets tough, we are here to cheer you on and help you get through the tricky times.
The people who achieve their dreams are the ones still holding on when everyone else gave up.
Our UAS community will help you hang on in there.

What I believe…

There is a place for everyone in the art world

We all have our reasons for making art and we are all unique.  The key is tapping into your passions and staying true to who you are.  Working to your strengths and creating art that makes you happy.

Fear is the biggest thing that holds artists back

So many artists are crippled by fear. Creating art is a very personal practice, we are bearing our souls to the world and opening up ourselves to criticism and opinions.  This opens the door to fear, or the negative committee as we like to call them.
I hate to see fear limiting the potential of artists I work with, so we tackle fear head on and work on it every single day to make sure our artists are living to their full potential.
If you would like to work with me…


I have a limited number of 1:1 slots available.  We can meet via video, phone or email.  These sessions are great if you feel stuck, I can review pricing, social media, websites, who your customer is and more.  Click to find out more.