Thanks to everyone who took part in this months challenge, it really has been incredible.
For those who don’t know, we did a portrait swap this month and over 100 people from around there world swapped with another member of The Virtual Art Studio and created a portrait of each other.
We had people take part from Ecuador, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, France, Spain, Ireland, Africa, New Zealand, Italy and I’m sure I’ve missed some places.
Some people have even physically posted and swapped their pieces (pictures to follow on this).
Our youngest participant was 12 years old, here is her work…
Every month we have a free art challenge in The Virtual Art Studio Facebook Group, to join you can sign up here:
Well done to everyone taking part, what I love about this group is that all levels of ability are welcome and also supported and encouraged.
The people who paint an incredible likeness with exact proportions can usually do so as they have practiced, practiced and practiced some more.
So if you are a beginner, keep practicing.
portrait by June Benstead
If you aim to create a likeness and personality in portrait then keep measuring and keep practicing. Spend lots of time looking at where points intersect and shapes come together.
If you are working from a photo, try turning the photo upside down. This stops the brain from drawing what I ‘thinks’ it can see. You are no longer drawing a face, you are drawing a page full of marks and tones.
It also depends massively on what type of artist you are, many people use the portrait as source of inspiration and then go on a creative journey making marks – does it matter that the portrait looks nothing like the person??
It doesn’t have to. It all depends on your end goal as an artist
We have loved seeing everyone’s work, here are a few examples….