Behind the Sketchbook

Trevor Field
In this interview Trevor Field very bravely talks about his experience with depression and how he once gave up on art but is now creating again.  He also talks about the time his work made someone trip over….
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About You

How did you get into art and making?

I went to art college to do a GNVQ. After that I went to university to do a BA in Art and History. I struggled to do any written work .. still not sure if I have learning difficulties. Also, I never saw eye to eye with many of the teachers. .. I didn’t last. After that bad experience I never went back to art…. then life happened. I got a job, enjoyed going out. But something was never right. I started taking depression tablets at 21. But being young I never stuck to them. Until at the age of 28 I lost it. I then took tablets for 4 years I knew I had to. I came to a point where a little box inside my mind was raging to get out. I needed to feel again. I gradually stopped taking them.. and then this is really where my art started. I needed to focus. .but also needed to be in public as to not cut myself from reality.
Behind the Sketchbook
About Your Art

What art do you like to make?

Anything. At the the moment i’m still perfecting drawing but stick me in a art studio ill try everything.

What materials do you use?

At the moment a click pencil is my weapon of choice. Trying to get into acrylics as well.

How would you describe yourself?

A Trevism!
Behind the Sketchbook

What or who inspires and influences your work?

Everyone. … a smile a comment. Sometimes even myself. .you can do better attitude

How have you and your work changed over time?

Ive gone from painting from the soul to drawing to perfection (or trying)

What challenges have you faced along the way?

Myself. Time. Everything really… losing faith in others is the biggest, it really crushes the soul
Behind the Sketchbook
Behind the Sketchbook
Your Achievements

What has been your biggest achievement/s so far? No matter how big or small?

Making someone trip up whilst admiring my art.

How did it feel to experience this achievement?

Always gives me a smile inside
Behind the Sketchbook

What difficulties, doubts or fears did you face and how did you overcome them?

Doubts …. asking for the right price. I always under price far too scared to ask for more. I still haven’t overcome this yet.

What or who has helped you in your journey?

Other people. .. in general. I work publicly so there’s always people liking what I do. And a very good art group of recent times. I do ramble on too much sometimes though.

If someone could wave a magic wand and make amazing things happen for you, what would be your dream?

To spend a year … without financial worry working on my experience with mental health. Using as much media types as I want and it to be exhibited

What is your biggest piece of advice for other artists?

Believe in yourself. Not all of us have a natural gift…. but if you keep going you’ll get there.

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