United ArtSpace

 Providing online courses, community and support to help you make art you love, so you can confidently turn what you love into a living.
We have so many people join our group feeling lost and uninspired, they are searching for more.  Their confidence is low and they don’t believe in themselves.
United ArtSpace has helped thousands of people get back on track and built their confidence to the point they are making a living.
We have all types of artists in our community, from painters, potters, sculptors, portrait, landscape, fantasy, pencil, mosaic, collage, glass, the list goes on.
We provide online courses and community to help you improve your art and gain recognition, so you can confidently make a living from your creative passion.
We strive to……
-Help you find your own unique voice so you feel inspired to make art you love, that’s aligned with your strengths and passions.
Help you find ways to share your work and gain recognition, because your art matters.
-Help you grow self belief so you follow your own unique path confidently, feeling supported along the way.
Equip you with the tools and support so you can start making a living doing what you love.

Any Stage, Any Age

If you are at the beginning of your journey and the thought of selling terrifies you, that’s OK.  You don’t have to think that far ahead, our group will help you get back into making art and help you develop skills no matter what your end goal. 

We have members’ all ages, our oldest member is 80 and she is just starting to sell, proving it’s never too late!

Michelle is working on new content all the time, below is a list of what you can expect and where you can find it:

Weekly Top Tip Video 
Every week Michelle hosts a live video sharing her top tips, these short 10 minute videos are shared on our Facebook Page and You Tube channel.
Make sure you like our page or subscribe to You Tube:
Art Relief Sessions 
We often host art challenges and have guest artists share video demo’s with you. These are free and help connect artists and get the creative juices flowing.
Confidently Make Art your Living Workshops
Twice a year Michelle hosts live online workshops that will unlock the confusion around how to make art your living. 


We have over 4,000 friendly and supportive artists focussed on making and being creative.  We keep selling talk in our Hobby to Pro Hub group.

We often host free art challenges and art workshops.  You can join thousands of people who take part in these sessions over in our Virtual Art Studio.

This serves as our notice board and you will find a wealth of articles and inspiration.  I also host weekly live Q&A sessions where we have a very informal chat about art.