If I asked you to carve out 60 seconds this week, what would you do in that time?? How would you spend it??

We often allocate an hour or a day on tasks, but what if you allocate just one minute? What could you achieve within one minute?

How would you choose to utilise that precious 60 seconds?

Maybe this is the time for you to allocate 60 seconds a day to something you’ve been putting off? That 60 seconds may eventually become 60 minutes dedicated to something you truly want to pursue in life.

At times, we have to start small.

Perhaps dedicating 60 seconds to yourself or a drawing is all you are capable of… or all you need right now.

This is what I contemplate in today’s super short episode!

Enjoy and let me know how you spend your 60-second moment this week.


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Have a great week & take care,

Michelle xo