25 Day Kickstart Challenge

Kickstart your creativity!

Do you enjoy painting, drawing or making some kind of visual art but maybe you are feeling stuck?
Or maybe you have been so busy recently you need some insoiration?
We have pulled together a 25 day challenge that is made up of tips and advice from member’s of our Virtual Art Studio.  Our members’ have experienced blocks and have given their tips so we can dish them out to you so you can start feeling creative.
You will receive a PDF weekly with 5 tasks, you can either do them daily or you can let them build up and do them weekly.
They are small exercises that won’t overwhelm you and there is a mix of practical and non practical tasks.
The best bit is you don’t have to do this alone, you can join us in our free Facebook Group where we have over 3,000 artists from around the world helping and supporting each other.
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