Inspiring stories from our members

Our members share their journey into the arts, what has helped them along the way and their advice for you.

Shiralee Siebert

Shiralee is a portrait artist from South Africa and in this interview we talk about her biggest struggles, lessons and achievements since discovering art as a child. Well worth a listen as I am sure you will all relate.

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Lloyd Lewis

Former world champion kick boxer, Lloyd Lewis joined me for a chat about how life has dealt him some pretty hard knocks. In this interview we discuss how Lloyd has overcome these knocks and his dream of being in the National Portrait Gallery.

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Cindy Dicks

Cindy is an illustrator who 1 year ago had no belief in herself and had no clue what direction she was going in, then a turn of events changed all of that. This is a great interview that reinforces you have no idea what is around the corner

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Odette Riley

In this interview I chat with South African artist, Odette Riley. Odette creates doodle drawings straight from her subconscious, without planning. It took her a long time to connect with her passion and strengths, have a listen and find out why…..

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Joe Rivera

In this interview Joe shares his number one piece of advice for artists and also the number one thing that has helped him excel in the last year. This interview is full of great advice you don’t want to miss.

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Kristin Rawcliffe

Kristin creates portraits and figure paintings in oils. She uses traditional techniques with the addition of vibrant colour, that make them truly unique and packed with life, expression and emotion.

Kristin talks of how she had zero confidence and was trying to please everyone by painting lots of styles. She now believes in herself, feels support as she’s in a network of like-minded people. Kristin approaches people she would never have approached. She is more organised, has confidence to be herself and make the art she is passionate about.

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Mary Roberts

Mary is a painter from the west coast of Ireland, she loves to paint the rugged Irish landscape and in this interview she talks about how The United ArtSpace Hub has helped guide her art journey from not having a clue where to sell or who her work was for, to now being represented by a gallery, selling originals and prints and having her own online store.

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Hannah Kirk

Hannah is a faith based artist from the UK, who didn’t believe she was or could be an artist, and now she is a completely different person living life as an artist, the life she was always supposed to live.

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Trevor Field

In this interview Trevor Field very bravely talks about his experience with depression and how he once gave up on art but is now creating again.  He also talks about the time his work made someone trip over….

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Nicky De Prins

In this interview we meet Nicky De Prins. Originally from Antwerp in Belgium and now living in Galway, Ireland Nicky loves experimenting, she loves oils, pencils, acrylics and photoshop.  She is drawn to creating unusual and unexpected art.  Nicky talks of returning to art as a mature student and the importance of having a support system in place for those tough days.

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