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We have worked in the creative industries for more than 25 years and we want to share everything we have learned with you.

We have taught taught thousands of people from around the world through our online and in-person programs.

We provide courses, support and community so you can make art you love and turn what you love into a living.

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The 7 Keys

The 7 KEYS is an 8 week course that unlocks all the confusion around what art to make and how to turn it into a living.

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Make Your Mark

Make your Mark is a 6 part sketchbook course, that helps you kick-start your creativity, whilst exploring your artistic voice.

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The Hub: Make art your living

For those who want to make art their living, the Hub provides a step by step road map to guide you from hobby to pro. Plus 24/7 support within our global community.

You gain access to a hub of online courses and guidance to help you break down the steps of making art your living You will join a supportive and welcoming community of artists, from around the world, who are working through the steps with you.

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