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The proven way to go from hobby to pro

Most artists don’t know what to do with their art after they make it so we created THE UNITED ARTSPACE HUB online resources and community that helps unlock your potential so you can make art your living.

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Monthly masterclass...

From guest experts covering topics like; money, social media, licensing, grants, selling, and marketing.

Quick fix video guides

These 10-20 minute guides will break down the steps of things like, creating a business card, approaching galleries, invoicing, bookkeeping, social media tips and lots more.

Monthly live Q&A

In the group where you can ask questions about the material featured in the members’ hub

Hobby to pro course

Online course that teaches you the 7 key ingredients to go from hobby to pro

Private Community

Where there will be other visual artists in the same boat as you, all helping and encouraging one another. Joining together to keep each other motivated, inspired & accountable.

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