30 places to show & sell your work

Most of us have had it drummed into us over generations that pursuing an artistic career will lead to financial struggle and misery. Yet, the art world is a huge business that needs artists and there is huge potential to make a living.
This eBook will guide you through the many options available to you, below is a preview of the contents…..

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I’m Michelle Lloyd, founder of United ArtSpace and I’m on a mission to help visual artists, like you (yes, even if you don’t call youself an arist yet) tap into your talent and potential so you can live a fab life creating art and find the best places for your work.

I run a free Facebook group called The Virtual Art Studio and it pains me to see so many talented artists in my group who have the potential to do what they love for a living but they afen’t as they just need a bit of guidance and support.

Either, they hold themselves back as they don’t believe in themselves or they just don’t have the knowledge.  You know what it’s like when you go down a rabbit hole of creating art and you come back up to the surface and you have no idea what to do with it? How much it’s worth or who will buy it?

It’s my passion to help you figure all this out.

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