Do you love drawing, painting and all things art?

We have an online community of over 3000 artists from around the world and together we work on art briefs to help keep each other motivated and inspired.

Our challenges are aimed at all levels and abilities covering areas such as graphics, painting, drawing, collage, photography, textiles & 3D (basically anything to do with visual arts).


You can sign up below and we will let you know what this months challenge is….


The best bit is you don’t have to do this alone, you can join us in our free Facebook Group where we have over 3,500 artists from around the world helping and supporting each other.


You can enjoy the challenge in your own time or you can join us (Michelle, Sharon + 3000 art lovers) in The Virtual Art Studio where you will be supported by a very friendly community who be taking the challenge with you.
When making art regularly inspiration finds you – Picasso is quoted to have said ‘inspiration finds you working’.  By putting aside at least 10 minutes a day you will find motivation and inspiration!