I am a full time artist, living my dream.


I am a full time artist, living my dream. I do participate in other art related work on occasion to supplement my income, like teaching. I do sometimes worry whether I can keep this going, but Iwould never go back to being employed.

Remain authentic and keep reviewing your why and mission so that your art evolves with you every 6 months or yearly
Increase the perceived value of your work and raise your prices every 6 months or yearly
Build strong relationships with artists, buyers and sellers
Have a clearly defined mission for your work and remove anything that doesn’t fit
Review what sells and what doesn’t.
Test new offers and expand so you have multiple revenue streams and different ways to make money
Learn how to delegate and manage others so you can outsource work such as bookkeeping

The price of my work is increasing every 6/12 months
I have connected with at least 2 people who can support and mentor me
I am focussed on my mission and say no to work that doesn’t serve my purpose
I am starting to sell my work nationally or internationally
I have multiple revenue streams, which enables me to manage cashflow

You are becoming known in your industry as an expert and master of your craft. You are becoming persistent and determined to make this work as you have come so far, you are becoming part of something bigger than just yourself. You are connecting with
influencers and other established artists who are supporting and guiding you. You are delegating tasks that take your time away from making art and doing the things you enjoy.

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