We are creating an online hub that will give you everything you need to be a professional, commercial artist.
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Imagine if you could go from feeling lost and overwhelmed to having all the answers in one place, within a supportive community of other people just like you.
You can, as The Hub is just that…
I’m Michelle Lloyd, founder of United ArtSpace.  I work with visual artists (and soon to be visual artists) who want to cultivate their self-belief, carve out their place in the art world, and grow the confidence to show and sell their work.


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It pains me to see so many artists in my group who have extraordinary talent and passion yet they just don’t know what to do with it.
I see the same issues cropping up all the time:

Lack of money

Lack of time

You’re not sure how to price your work

You don’t know how to find the right customers

You’re feeling overwhelmed with all the options and endless things to learn

You’re worried senseless in case art isn’t going to make you the money you need to survive

But worse are the negative thoughts and doubts that creep in, have you heard yourself saying:

I’m not talented enough

I feel like a fraud

I just can’t do this

Being an artist just isn’t possible

I’m not good enough

Everyone else is better than me

My art isn’t important

Nobody will like my art

These thoughts and feelings are normal and every single one of us have experienced them.


Change is totally possible and there are so many examples of people who despite dealing with similar circumstances (or even worse) have found a way to make it happen.

I don’t want to see you wasting time and energy in the wrong places and on the wrong things, only to get disheartened when your work doesn’t sell or nobody interacts with it.


That’s why I am creating The Hub – so you have all these answers in one place.  


Be the first to hear about when the hub will launch

I am creating an online Hub of resources, guest expert trainings and live workshops  that will help break everything down so you have all the information and answers you need, in one place.

You will access the material via our website and it will all be delivered through video, audio & PDF’s.

When you join the hub you will find resources on the following subjects:

When you join the members’ hub you will also get:

Monthly Guest Experts

There is no one path to take, we are all unique and every journey is different. That’s why i feel it is important to team up with industry experts who can share their knowledge with you.

Every month i will invite an expert into The Hub to do a training with you, they will cover topics such as:

Social Media
Art on Demand
Art Consultants teaching how to sell
Mindset experts teaching you how to be confident

I will also listen to your needs and if there is a topic you want us to feature, i will do my very best to make it happen.

Featured Artist Gallery

You will be featured in our public artist gallery with your own profile page enabling people to learn more about you and your work.
As i run a group with over 2.5k artists in it, i often have people approach me as they are looking to buy artwork. As it’s difficult to do this through the Virtual Art Studio i have decided to create a public gallery so every member gets featured on our website.
This way people can learn more about you and your work and you can sell it without paying us a commission.

15 min How To's

15-minute video guides released every month called the ‘How to’ they will break down the steps of things like, creating a business card, approaching galleries, invoicing, bookkeeping, social media tips and lots more.

Monthly Q&A

I’m not going to leave you to learn all this alone, every month there will be live Q&A sessions where you can get all of your questions answered.


Have access to a private Facebook group where there will be other visual artists in the same boat as you, all helping and encouraging one another.  Joining together to keep each other motivated, inspired & accountable.

I didn’t want to create a course where you learn and then have to apply the learning by yourself.  I want to create a space where you have access to all the information you need as well as ongoing support.

The journey of an artist is a long one and it’s unique to every individual. There is no one path and what works for one person may not work for another.

The Hub will encourage you to find your true path and find what works for you as you learn from industry experts.

I have created a visual artist success path so you can see who the hub is for and see the progression we are aiming to make. You may not want to travel the whole way and may just be happy at stage 3 or 4, everyone is different and that’s the beauty of the success path.

Click find out more to see how the content in the hub will help you transform through the stages.

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Click the images below to see each stage that is relevant to you

Stage 1 – Genesis

By the end of this stage you will:

Go from feeling like a little fish in a big pond to understanding the art market and realising it’s not that scary after all.

Understand the importance of branding and creating a brand that is authentic.

Finally call yourself an artist without cringing and feeling like a fraud.

Stop tearing your hair out and write your artist statement, CV & Bio.

Shine a light on your guilt of earning money and start to realise it’s OK to put a price on your work.

Go from having no self-belief to talking about your work and how much it costs with confidence.

Go from being scared of sharing your work to having shown your work in public.

Go from not selling a thing to selling at least 2 pieces of your work.

Stage 2 – Growth

By the end of this stage you will:

Go from having no idea how to sell and promote your work to finally finding your own place in the art world.

Go from feeling overwhelmed by all the different ways to market and sell your work to simplifying the process and choosing what works best for you.

Feel supported along your journey with a mentor to help guide you.

Learn that there are different ways to price your work so that you appeal to different audiences.

Finally have a portfolio of work that clearly communicates your vision.

Go from feeling all over the place to having clear goals and focus.

Have your work in exhibitions and on social media for everyone to see and people will be buying it.

Make use of your artistic skills by carving out a career in the arts.

 Stage 3 – Transformation

By the end of this stage you will:

Go from having no financial goals to having a business plan.

Be really clear on who your audience is and understand their needs.

Go from feeling awkward in asking for sales, to knowing your worth and feeling confident.

Finally have a marketing plan and a diary full of exciting work.

Have a plan in place to help you transition to full time artist.

Make the leap to full time artist.

Live your dream if making art you are passionate about whilst making a living from it.

 Stage 4 – Emerging

By the end of this stage you will:

Increase your exposure by using a marketing plan

Go from doing everything alone to making the step in outsourcing.

Work on your branding and go super pro so you stand out from the crowd.

Review your pricing and work on increasing your profit.

Start to focus on what’s really important in your arts business so you can grow and make a healthy profit.

Start saying no to work that doesn’t fit in with your goals.

 Stage 5 – Flight


During this stage you will:

Learn how to manage and grow a team.

Grow your brand and expand your offer.


Be the first to hear about when the hub will launch