It was more than 7 years ago I had an idea to create a platform for artists so they can grow confidence and learn how to make amazing artwork and sell it.

A platform that supports, nurtures and has all the answers in one place.

A community with people from all over the world who are cheering for each other and working towards the same goal, despite differing backgrounds and vision.

That goal is to make our best art and carve out our place in the world.

5 years ago I launched that platform and today it has grown into the vision I first had.  We have built the most incredible platform and I am so so proud.

In this week’s episode I share the lessons I have learnt along the way, lessons I know will resonate with you too. 

Bringing people together 

I really wanted to bring people together from around the world. It was during that time that I noticed people’s artwork. And I would ask them, what are you doing with this? And loads of people were saying, I don’t do anything with it. It sits in a drawer. I don’t know what to do with it. And it made me really sad and I felt compelled to do something about it.

I remember sitting with my friend Sharon and saying, Sharon, I really feel I can help people with this problem. Which was ironic back then because I really didn’t have the answers myself. But I was really fired up to create something where I could help people with their art.

I did not see myself as an expert. I did not know anything about anything or at least that is what I felt back then. I just felt this fire inside of me and so the journey began. 

The vision

I had this idea to launch a platform, which was a membership subscription platform. I called it The Hub and the idea was that we would build this platform to be a place for artists to learn everything there is to know about selling their art, to guide them, to support them, to connect them with other people from around the world, to have every single answer to every single question and if we didn’t know the answer will find someone to help them.

That was the vision! 


Over the last few days I have been reflecting on what I have learnt over the last five years, since launching the Hub. It’s a lot. I had no idea what I was doing when I started. Creating an online platform was a whole new world so I had to roll my sleeves up and learn.

I’d love to share with you the key things that I’ve learnt along the way. 

Goal setting 

The first lesson is around goal setting. Don’t be fixated on your goals in terms of the outcome. Having a completely unrealistic goal is setting you up to feel failure, when it isn’t failure at all.

I’ve learnt to set goals now and when I do, as much as possible, I detach myself from them, so if it doesn’t happen I can sit back and question it instead. 

  • Why didn’t that work? 
  • How come I didn’t reach my goal this time? 
  • What can I do differently next time? 

Of course, if you don’t reach your goal it is upsetting but understanding your goals and keeping them at a realistic level is really important. 

Have the passion 

The second lesson I learnt was that without having the passion and this strong desire to keep going with it. Having a really strong ‘why’ is so important as this keeps you going when it gets tough.


Another big lesson I learnt was having a group of people around you that truly believed in you and your vision. 

When I look back, I don’t think I had anyone in my personal life who believed in me and my vision. Finding people who do and people you can turn to is a massive help. Having those people that believe in you 100% is so important.


I remember at the beginning everything had to be perfect. I’d spend weeks and months perfecting everything for a launch. Even down to the font I used. It all had to look perfect. 

It wasn’t until my mentor Stu said, done is better than perfect. Just get going. He always refers back to the saying, what is the 20% you need to do to get 80% of the results? And I come back to this time after time! 

Yes, we want things to be right but equally we need to get on with things and get them done. 

Not everything will work 

Something to remember is, not every single thing you do will work. You need to try new things, test the water but not every single service or product you create will take off. 

However, I wouldn’t go back in time and erase anything that I have done. Each step is a learning curve and from each mistake or idea that hasn’t worked I have learnt so many lessons that are priceless. 

The last five years 

Over the last five years, I have learnt so much, more than I can even begin to say and I am so proud of how The Hub has grown. It’s just fantastic and it suddenly dawned on me how sometimes we underestimate ourselves. To create a platform, like The Hub, it doesn’t happen overnight. 

Even though it took me five years to get to this point, I did it. I had a vision five years ago to help artists with their art and to change their lives and The Hub is doing just that. It’s amazing!!! 

I really hope some of these lessons that I’ve learnt along the way can help you, especially as we move into 2023. Who knows what the new year may bring! 

Much love, 

Michelle xo.


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