As I film my last ever episode in the room I began in 7 years ago, I reflect on the journey.


When I first started filing and recording 7 years ago, I felt like an imposter, a fraud and incompetent.


I had friends film with me as I was terrified to do it alone.


I was afraid of people judging me and being mean. I was afraid of saying the wrong thing.


I was afraid to be myself in case I wasn’t professional enough or good enough in the eyes of others.


I now realise these feelings are so normal and absolutely necessary when we are in a stage of growth.


These feelings disappeared whilst I was in my comfort zone and now they are back as I am in the stage of breaking through to the next level.


In today’s episode I share my journey and the cycle of incompetency and why it’s necessary.


It’s also a goodbye to the room I have recorded over 1000 videos in.


Thank you for sharing this journey with me.





Have a great week.

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Take care everyone,
Michelle xo