Today’s special guest is a multimedia artist inspired by people, places and community.


With a love of clay and oil paint Carole Ince celebrates the uniqueness of people and captures life as it unfolds.


Tuning in from Canada, I thought you will enjoy hearing some real talk.


Carole has solid collections of work, has started selling and has recently had a super successful solo show.  We chat about the journey to this point and what life is really like as an artist.


Some of the big takeaways from this conversation were:


  • The process takes time and consistent action
  • Confidence came from all the small steps in the early days, which maybe felt as if things weren’t going anywhere
  • The journey is a long one so having a community around you to support you when things go wrong (and right) is imperative
  • Honing in on why Carole made art, why it matters and growing belief in her work
  • Always learning – every day
  • Checking in and planning on a regular basis (making this fun)






Have a great week.

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Take care everyone,
Michelle xo