Overcoming self-doubt and reigniting passion for art.

This is what we are talking about today with our special guest, Nish Shah. A self-taught artist who has been creating art from a young age, finding solace and comfort in the process.

However, crippling self-doubt caused Nish to put his passion on hold for three decades, until the pandemic gave him the opportunity to reignite his love for art.

It is truly a pleasure to speak with Nish about his journey of rediscovering his passion and going on to sell his incredible artwork.

Despite having no formal art education or training, Nish is a natural-born artist who specializes in surrealistic and realistic pencil drawings, using graphite and color pencils with exceptional skill. His breathtaking portraits of people, animals, and elephants have captured worldwide attention.

In today’s session, we delve deep into Nish’s experience of making art after a long hiatus and how he overcame his fear of putting his art out into the world.

Whether you are an artist or someone who struggles with self-doubt, this podcast is sure to inspire you.





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