Brigitte Northover

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Tell us about you, what art you like to make and how you got into art.

I like making art that helps the human soul to be totally immersed in beauty. I have always been an artist. I drew a lot as a child and grew up in home where art was part of our upbringing. My father used to do sculptures so becoming a painter was a natural step – I chose a medium that helped me to express emotions and feelings.

My favorite art materials and art books are….

Oil paint is definitely my favourite medium. Favourite art books are Culture Care by Makoto Fujimura, Bonnard by Nicholas Watkins, all time favourite is the biography of Judy Cassab by Brenda Niall as well as Judy Cassab’s diary.

The best advice I have been given as an artist is….

Organise your life around your vocation instead of organising life and trying to squeeze in your practice in the leftover of your life.

What was life like before you became a member of United ArtSpace to now? 

Before 80% of the art I was producing was for my own use and satisfaction Now 50% of what I do is made for my audience Before I had no idea who my art was for After I am getting more and more acquainted with my public, what they like, who they are and how can I serve them best.

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What has been your biggest achievement/s so far? No matter how big or small.

My biggest achievement has been to embrace my art and the lifestyle that is attached to it. Creating new habits, new routines and in the process meeting lovely people.

What difficulties, doubts or fears have you faced and how did you overcome them?

Understanding and becoming fluent so to speak at using social media was a difficult part of the process. I overcame by reaching to others in the hub, failing, redoing my posts over and over and over and I am still learning!! Now that I understand that it is a marathon not a sprint I am more relax about it. I came to term with the fact that I am developing my practice and part of the process is to develop meaningful conversations and exchange with others – that requires time.

If you could send advice back to yourself 5 years ago, what would you tell yourself?

Remain vulnerable, be a listener of pain so that compassion can drive everything you do and growth is constant in your life.

What advice would you give to other aspiring artists?

Be at peace with who you are and don’t compromise on your vocation.

My favorite quote is….

‘Beauty is not necessary to our daily survival, it is necessary for our flourishing’ Makoto Fujimura.




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