I remember looking at my painting and wondering what was wrong with my creation. It didn’t seem right, but I couldn’t determine why.

It was like when I had found an inspirational image and tried to replicate what I saw but failed miserably.

I’ve taken courses in drawing, acrylic, life drawing, watercolour, textiles, collage, ceramics – the list goes on. The one thing I have learned over time is that art is a language.

It doesn’t matter how many courses you take; if you don’t learn the fundamental elements that contribute to what art is, you will always struggle.

I’ve learned this is a surprisingly common challenge… 

So common, in fact, that my friend Nicholas Wilton has decided to address it in his upcoming FREE workshop.

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Specifically, he will be covering the first 3 (and most important) stages in the Art2Life Process, including



  • Why so many people with lots of education, degrees and experience still struggle to make art they love
  • How to master composition in a way that will quickly elevate your art



  • How to strengthen your discernment — that internal compass — that tells you when to go further, pivot, or pull back with your art
  • How to create a beautiful kind of depth and balance in your art



  • How to add a vibrant new level of dimension AND subtleness to your work with a perspective on color you haven’t heard before!

How to feel more confident in your creative choices — so you can begin making art MORE like YOU.





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