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An Interview with BBC Radio

I was asked to talk on BBC Radio Shropshire about UAS and the Best Year Yet we run every year. This is one of my goals, to be featured more and it’s a great way to start the year. It made me realise how much I love talking. I love sharing my mission and helping […]

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Happy New Year – My Reflections and Focus For This Year

Happy New Year, friends. I hope you had fun bringing in the new year. I have recorded this podcast episode just for you.  Sharing my reflections and positive thoughts for 2023. I talk about ways I manifested what I want How things that went wrong in my life served me years later Messages for you […]

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Let’s Reflect on 2022 Together

One of the best ways to move forward and achieve success is by reflecting back. Taking time to: – Consider what you want and don’t want. – Get clear on what you really want in 2023. – Learn from mistakes and from what went well. Most of all, paying attention to how far you have […]

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