I remember sitting in a cafe with a group of UAS Hub members when Catherine and Lloyd turned to me and suggested I should start a podcast.

At that moment, I felt a sense of dread as I thought to myself “Ewww, I can’t possibly learn and do another thing.”

Despite feeling apprehensive, I had already been going live on social media every week for over five years.

Their suggestion planted a seed, and I eventually decided to give podcasting a try. After all, I was already chatting every week anyway.

Now, 100 episodes later – and with over 66,000 downloads! – the Your Art Matters podcast has become one of my passions. I absolutely love recording my thoughts and hearing your feedback; it feeds my soul. I can’t wait to record the next 100 episodes and share the journey with you. Thank you for all your support.





Have a great week.

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Take care everyone,
Michelle xo