I went to an event recently called ‘Chill and Prosper’ by Denise Duffield Thomas.  Denise has a book out with the same name.


We spent 2 whole days talking about money.


I cried, laughed, felt confused, and gained clarity – it was an incredible 2 days of focusing on my money mindset, and I am excited to share my insights with you.


In today’s episode, I share what I took from the event, including why I was given a card that said:


‘It is safe for you to live and travel first class’.


This brought up lots of feelings of not deserving!!!  It’s such an exciting topic.




One of my big takeaways is the difference between being heart-centred and having an open heart.  This insight came from one of the incredible speakers, Suzi Ashworth.


As Suzi spoke these words, my eyes filled with tears, so I instantly knew it was relevant to me.


I am heart-centred.

In my work, running UAS – my passion is giving back and helping people.  It’s at the core of everything I do.  As soon as I embark on a new experience, I ask, ‘How can this help others?’.

BUT – There is a difference between being heart-centred and your heart being open – WHAT?? This was a big eye-opener to me. 

My heart is slightly open enough to love my children.  I have it massively guarded and secured otherwise.  I don’t let anyone close.

Why does this matter as it relates to money or art???

These are the words from Suzi:

“ When you live with your heart at least partially closed, you go through life protecting yourself. 

This usually means holding yourself back in some way. And this stops you from enjoying the full range of human experience to its maximum potential.

This means you also close yourself off from Infinite wealth, joy, and bliss.

You have to be willing to keep your heart open and know that you and your heart are strong enough to keep the flow of receiving unrestricted. “

This might not be relevant to you – as much as it is for me, but there will likely be a story somewhere within you that is holding you back somehow. This episode gives you a starting point to explore.




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