Have you ever thought about collaborating with another artist? 

When you look back in history many artists worked together on projects or to talk through ideas. It’s powerful when you find others you can team up with, and I am going to share with you some benefits of doing so.

Greater recognition 

It goes without saying, when there are two of you, you double the opportunity for recognition with your regular clients and buyers. You can share your collaborations with each of your followers, duplicating your following.   

Networking opportunities 

Collaborating with other artists can allow your networking opportunities to expand. This may not lead to direct sales but may open doors for other opportunities while allowing you to make connections within the industry. 

A complete vision 

When you have two minds working on one project, you can have a more complete vision. Two minds are often better than one. You can assist each other through your strengths and weaknesses. 

Learn new techniques 

When working alongside another artist, take advantage of the opportunity to learn some new techniques from them. You are never too old to learn and this can be a great way to expand your knowledge. 

More opportunity for sales 

Last but not least, as there are two of you working on one project, you have two audiences to sell to, meaning you may have many more opportunities to sell. (Never a bad thing!) 

Wherever you are in your journey as an artist, collabing with another artist is a really good way of learning something new, picking up some techniques, creating new contacts, and gaining great recognition. What’s not to love? 

Much love,