As we are coming to the end of the year, you may have started to think about next year. What it holds, what you want to achieve and the journey you will go on.

Last week someone asked me this question – “Do I need to believe in my dreams and my goals? Because I don’t.” – This is a great question and there is a great quote I want to share with you. It is from Napoleon Hill— “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve”.

I talk a lot about the power of believing in ourselves and how it can massively impact the success we have. It is all down to mindset. It is so, so powerful and can often be overlooked.

This got me thinking back to the start of my journey with United Artspace and designing my own life. It may sound crazy, but I have done this and it really works.

Years ago, before I found this concept, I remember being in a place where everything felt like a struggle. I’d spent many years being unhappy, depressed and with no clear direction. I didn’t believe in myself at all and I had lots going on with my ADHD and dyslexia. I couldn’t organise my own life. Brushing my teeth was sometimes a struggle and there was this constant feeling that I was never going to amount to anything.

Financially everything was a struggle. I always felt like my finances were out of control and I could never earn enough money to pay for what I needed.

I just remember thinking I wasn’t good enough or capable. Now, this was 7 maybe 8 years ago.

I remember finding a lady called Beth Kempton online. She has been a big inspiration. Her business is called ‘Do what you love for life’. At the time, it seemed like a completely crazy concept to me. I remember thinking to myself “This seems really unrealistic”, but at the same time I was so curious to see. The more I looked, the more I started to see people taking control of their lives.

However, I kept coming back to this and I started to think “What have I got to lose here?”, so I slowly started to chip away at my mindset. I then found someone else online called Carrie Green. She is the founder of the ‘Female Entrepreneur Association’. I listened to her videos all those years ago where she was talking about the power of visualisation.

So I started to do this. I had no idea where to start, so I just started to think about the way I want to live each day and I picked out the word ‘freedom’. I wanted freedom in my life. And with this one word, this is where it all began to change for me.

I then started to get clear on United Artspace and make it live. Creating goals and trying to achieve them each year to progress and grow. I began to have a vision.

I still remember thinking all these visualisations and goals were unrealistic. Setting up United Artspace, walking into shops and being able to buy my kids clothes and toys, holidays, a house of my own. It all seemed so far out of reach and I don’t think I ever really truly believed, but I just kept visualising all of these moments.

Pin pictures up of the car you’d like, the house you’d like. How much you’d like to earn. Places where you’d like to take the kids. Pop this up somewhere and look at them every day to remind yourself of what you want to achieve and where you want to go.

Keep reminding yourself that anything is possible. Program your mind for success and have the mindset of “I’ve got nothing to lose” and keep going. Don’t give up. Things will change. Opportunities will arise.

I have done this for years and years and it is great to say that most things I have dreamt of and visualised I have done. And trust me when I say – it’s the most rewarding feeling when you get there.

Just remember – the more you start to believe, the more you will start to see. More opportunities will arise and it will change your whole life.

Everything is totally and utterly possible. Now I want you to hang on to that.