Would you like more money?

Even those not driven by money wouldn’t say no to a little more, hey?

Money doesn’t create happiness but it can relieve pressure and impact our lives and the lives of others.

For years I was stuck in a negative money pattern and couldn’t seem to earn past a certain amount. Money was always a struggle.

In this episode I share 3 strategies that completely opened up my potential to earn and have changed my life.



This isn’t something that you just do and then that’s it, we take it off the list. It’s something that I’m continually bringing myself back to. How do I feel about money and am I repelling money? Am I making money a big issue? Am I becoming desperate about money? I really check in with how I’m feeling about it because this influences how we earn it and how we handle it.

So recognize how you feel and what your relationship is around money at the moment. If it is negative, it’s time to reframe that and see money as a great thing. It’s an energy. Like we need water, we need money. Money comes and it goes. It can be such a beautiful thing when you have it – you can do great things with it in the right hands. Money is great and it’s okay for you to earn and it’s okay to have a lot if that’s what you want.


For a long time I avoided this because I didn’t want to be disappointed, I didn’t know how to make a money goal. I now make money goals because if we just say “I want more money” it’s as broad as saying “I want to travel” – it’s not specific.

Until you define a goal and you understand what that actually means, how on earth will you know if you’ve achieved it? If you want more money, how much money do you want? Start to get a bit clearer on that.

If you have a defined goal, you could break that down into how many pieces of artwork you’d need to sell and what price point you’d need to sell them at. So 15 paintings a year at £2k for example, that’s how many you would need to sell if you wanted to make £24k a year. You can look at your time and think what is doable for you. Now you might not be able to start selling them at that price point straight away, but you have a goal to aim towards.


I like to make good, better, best goals. My “good” goal is what I need to earn to survive and to live. My “best” goal is the crazy goal. It’s the goal that I just don’t know on earth how I would ever hit that, but I’m going to put it out there anyway. In the middle of that is my “better” goal, it sits in between the good and the best.

It can be difficult when you’re living in the world we are right now when money’s tight and, and you’re having to cut back. But that’s why I wanted to share this episode because it’s about getting a balance of cutting back which is great and I do that at this time of year too. Thinking “How can I live in a more streamlined way to create room for more money to come in?”

That’s how I want you to see it. To allow more space for goodness and abundance to come into your life and more cash to flow in. So that’s what I’m going to be focusing on.



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