I was recently told if I help an artist reach a million in sales I have succeeded. This got me thinking about how other people’s opinions of success and what we do can make us derail or shrivel up in silence as we feel inferior or like we don’t belong.

Have you ever felt that? You are with a group of people and you are not on the same page. Maybe they view art differently to you? They perceive skill in a different way to you – it can make you question your own sanity, views and beliefs.

Even worse, it can make you change who you are.

And… the ultimate worse – stopping making art completely. This is what I want to cover in this blog! 

A million pound 

This all started a few weeks ago when I was talking to someone about how I like to help artists and people. Generally artists who have taken a long break from art, complete beginners or artists who aren’t making traction, they’re not selling and are struggling. They just need help! 

This is what strives me to do what I do. However, I was talking to this journalist about being a feature in a magazine and they said, share a story with me on how you’ve taught someone how to become a millionaire with their artwork, then I’ll be interested in featuring you. 

And to me, in my opinion this is wrong. Making a million from your art doesn’t mean you’ve made it and are successful. It’s amazing to earn that much from art and yes, I think these stories should be shared but it doesn’t mean others haven’t succeeded because they aren’t making millions.

In fact, by sharing these stories of massive achievements, it can really help those artists who are in the trenches and are struggling. It can inspire and light the fire!


Success to me isn’t based on the amount you make from your art. There is so much more to it than that. It’s about how much of an impact your art is having, how it may be helping you in some way, the conversations it may start, the list is endless. Success doesn’t not come down to the monetary value alone. 

Self doubt 

What happens is, people start to doubt their art and their success as they are comparing their success to another artist’s monetary success and will then feel like they aren’t successful. This can lead to self doubt and wondering if your art is any good. Wondering if you are going to be able to earn a certain amount of money from a piece of artwork. 

This constant question of yourself comes from the perception of success that is associated with money. Sometimes we need to look outside of that and ask yourself, what was the point of this piece of art? 

  1. Is it to get people to talk about a certain subject? 
  2. To raise awareness? 
  3. To try a new style of art or a new material? 
  4. Was to exhibit in a gallery?
  5. To help you heal in some way? 
Your art world 

I really wanted to share this with you today and say to you that it’s okay to feel vulnerable. I have felt that recently and I have questioned myself and success. This is what happens when you get out of your comfort zone and doing this is a good thing! 

I truly, truly believe that there is a place for everybody in the artworld. In fact you can create your own art world.

You can create your own pocket of people in the world. You can create art in any way that you want. There are no rules. You can do whatever you want with whatever medium. Find your people and engage with them. 


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