Have you ever felt like you’re not really getting anywhere and started to worry about what other people are thinking? Do you question if you are good enough or ever think “What’s the point?”

Quite often there are things happening to you that you can’t see. The foundations are being laid and you are massively underestimating the impact your work is having on yourself and on others. 

Questioning yourself

I will be honest here, I have felt this way a lot over the last few months and many, many times over the years. When you start to question what you are doing and whether it is good enough and whether you are doing enough. Should you be doing more? Then when you are in this state of mind you start to question what others are thinking. 

This may ring true for you. I know when I started out on my journey as an artist and with United ArtSpace, I questioned (and still question) my work and if I am doing enough. The feeling of failure can creep in and it is often made worse or stings a little deep when other people say “You’re not getting anywhere with this!” or “Why don’t you get a ‘proper’ job?” – people have said this so many times to me!

Over the years I have learnt that when we embark on something that we feel excited about, we can often get derailed. When this happens, we start to envisage a different picture of our reality which can really fuel the negativity. You begin to think it will never happen and you start to question yourself. “Am I good enough?” or “Am I going to make myself look stupid?” 

There lies the danger. Once we start to think this, the brain starts to think “Let’s not do this anymore”. But in actual fact, this is all part of the journey. Things are going to go wrong and you will have obstacles that jump out at you. 

Dreams aren’t always easy

Our dreams aren’t always plain sailing. They don’t happen instantly and I have realised this myself. A lot of us will really underestimate the impact we are having. Even when you can’t see it, it will be happening! Things will always happen when you least expect it and when things feel like they are going wrong. 

When you sit back and think about it, it is mind blowing. Every action and every step we take, we are learning. When you begin to turn that into something that excites you, you will start to feel that fire again! 

Confidence bucket 

When you have these moments of self doubt, it is important to have a confidence bucket that you can fill back up. Whether it is going through some of your testimonials, looking back at where you began and realising how much you’ve grown, or speaking to people who understand what you are doing and believe in you. Fill the bucket back up and keep on going and growing! 

You’re doing something that you love and that is so inspiring. You will be impact lives, even if you don’t see it. I want to help you fill the bucket. Don’t empty it.

Much love, 

Michelle xo 

P.S. Here me talk about this a little more in episode 63 of the Your Art Matters podcast: https://www.unitedartspace.org/the-podcast/