I want to take a moment to share one of my all-time favourite quotes with you. It’s the inspiration behind my latest vlogcast episode, and it is a quote that I refer back to regularly:


Be thankful for what you have, and you’ll end up having more.

If you concentrate on what you don’t have you’ll never have enough. – Oprah Winfrey


Today I have recorded a super short episode and will do so for the next few weeks as a MINDSET MINUTES series.

The aim is to give you a small action each week to help you make a change in your life for the better!

Small mindset shifts over a few weeks can impact mental health, success, progress and more.

In this episode, I share a super tip on reframing thoughts around lack of time, money, skill, space, and help – the list goes on.



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Have a great week & take care,

Michelle xo