Capucine Jenkins is a trailblazing digital art curator who is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of NFTs and the blockchain.


Before she started working with NFTs, our guest honed her skills at several prestigious museums, including the High Museum of Art in Atlanta.


She remains passionate about nurturing artists and innovating digital art spaces.

I am so excited to have Capucine join me on today’s podcast.

We covered everything you need to know about NFT’s:

  • What are NFT’s ?
  • How do you Create a NFT?
  • How can I sell and market an NFT?
  • How can I keep myself safe when it comes to NFT’s?
  • What are NFT trends and what sells?
  • How do I price an NFT?
  • How do people buy an NFT?
  • How do NFT’s impact the environment?
  • How do I deal with NFT hunters? You know, those annoying messages on social media.

If you have been wondering any of the above, then this weeks episode if for you.




Have a great week.

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