We are fast approaching the midway point towards this year, halfway through the year, can you believe how fast the time is going? I want to talk today about how I’m starting to get ready for planning the rest of the year and how you can too. So as we approach the midpoint, I like to do a mid-year review. And in fact, I’m going to be doing a free workshop for you all where I’ll be reviewing my year and I’ll be using a worksheet to review the six months gone and what I wanna be doing going forwards and doing a big reflection.

And if you want to join me, it’s completely free. The link is below. And this time of year I really like to stop and reflect and just pause for a moment. I feel like sometimes we get swallowed up in life and we’ve maybe set goals in January. If you’ve set goals before, you might not have set goals. But for those who took part in Best year yet, which is a big event we do in January, in that we set three big goals for the year and get really intentional around creating our success on purpose and designing our own lives.

If you know anybody that would like to take part, please do let them know and have a wonderful, inspiring motivating week.






Have a great week.

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Take care everyone,
Michelle xo