If you could live on your own terms with no money, worries, or responsibilities- how would you be REALLY living??

It amazes me how many people live a life they think they should live.  Myself included.  I fall into the trap year after year of making decisions based on what is expected or what I think others will like.

I intentionally reframe this thinking and check in with what I REALLY desire.

This is a question I ponder at this time of year.  I love the cycle of coming towards the end of a year.  It’s time to shed old skin, relight fires that burnt out and re-navigate my compass.

I love reflecting on how I design my life going forward.  I can feel shifts in my own life that have been brewing for a long time, and 2024 is going to be a time of change for me – I have some exciting plans – but these plans are only coming to fruition as I spend time going through the Best Year Yet program!!

I would love you to join me – the event starts on…..18th January 2024

But, when you sign up, you get access to the Best Year Yet Prep immediately.

Best Year Yet is a process of designing your own life.  

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