My son was getting quite angry and upset as he wanted to buy an Xbox but didn’t have the money.  We can all relate, I am sure – there are many things I want but don’t have the money 🙂

So, our motto is every problem has a solution – and so we created a project plan and worked out how he could earn the money.

He decided to sell his art and we broke down the steps of how he could do it.

I share behind the scenes today of what we created as the lessons here relate to us all as it comes down to setting a financial goal and finding a way to hit it.


Our Start Selling Your Art Workhops are back!!  We start on 19th March!! 


This is a 3-day workshop to help people start selling their art.

This workshop series is aimed at:

  • People who are passionate about art but are unsure how to sell it.
  • The beginner who wonders if selling is possible?
  • Those who’ve been trying to sell and don’t seem to be getting anywhere.

We will cover how to:

  • Turn likes into sales
  • Find opportunities and places for your work
  • Start selling with an action plan to guide you

The replays of this event are available until, 25th March.



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