You have poured your heart and soul into your website and now it is sitting there and you are not sure what to do next.

Or, maybe you are not sure if you even need a website.

A website is a great asset and I am excited to share some tips with you so you can get more eyeballs on your website.

The difference between social media and your website

Social media includes a variety of different platforms that allow people to communicate and interact with each other through their own profiles. 

A website is a space on the internet that you create. It’s a range of pages brought together under a URL that allows you to showcase your artwork, services, products and business information.  

The main difference between the two is that a website is something that you create, own and manage and it won’t be a place for other people to interact. In fact, you want to draw people to your website to view it. 

Social media is hosted by another party, you create an account and can begin to create your posts or messages and interact with other users. 

How to invite people to view your website using email and social media

You spend a lot of time creating your website, from your imagery to copy and all else in between. Once you press that button to set it live, then what?

Here are a couple of ways to get people on to your website. You can use your social media and emails. 

When creating posts on social media make sure you are linking back to your website so people can easily find what you are talking about. You also want to make sure you have your website linked in your bio’s and in any relevant sections so it is easy for people to find. 

When it comes to emails, use your email lists that you’ve built up over time. Send them an email to say you have a new website so they know it is there. Make sure you add the link so it is easy for people to find. 

If you have a blog section, maybe share an email when you publish a new post. 

“We thought this may be of interest to you. Our latest blog post is about … “

Keep it simple, make it helpful and make it easy for people to access. 

What SEO is and how to improve how you are found on Google

SEO stands for search engine optimization. This allows your website to be found in search engines. There are a few things you can do that will allow you to be found by Google. 

One of the most basic ways you can improve your SEO and what Google likes is a website that is updated frequently. By having a blog and ensuring you regularly upload whilst sharing content that picks out your keywords, you will move up the ranks. A blog will have a great impact on where your site falls. 

We also have an insightful lesson over in our paid membership from Hannah Kirk. It explains how to build your SEO throughout your site and is full of tips and tricks. 

A nifty tip that helps your site speed and puts you in the good books with Google.

Google doesn’t like it when a site is slow to load. It will more than likely be down to the number of images and information you have within your site. A slow website will have an impact on where you fall within searches.

So here is a little tip from one of our lessons within the Hub (our paid membership). By making sure all images that are uploaded to the website are compressed and are under 100 kb. By keeping your image files smaller, your site load time will be quicker and ultimately, Google will like that. 

Using video

This is a quick and easy one. Google own YouTube so if you embed your videos from YouTube to your website, Google will move your website up the ranks. It will also help if you do this regularly. 

Round up 

So, I hope you’ve found this useful. You can listen to the full episode over on the Your Art Matters podcast (link above). 

If you are in the midst of creating your website, enjoy the process. It’s the time to bring all the elements of your business and art together and show people how amazing you are. Have fun with it! 

Much love, 

Michelle x

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