I’ve finished a weekend of hiking a mountain for 35 hours. I want to share everything I have learned and how much of what I learned relates to everyday life.

People said many times that I was brave to make this event so public, what if I didn’t complete it and I would have to face everyone and say I failed?

Here’s the thing, this event meant a lot to me. I had no doubt I could do it because of my mindset and training. I also did a lot of work on getting ready for disappointment.

This is something we have to experience in life. We can’t avoid it. I would have been upset if I hadn’t completed it, but I had no issue in telling everyone I ‘FAILED’ as to me failure isn’t a bad thing. I would have done everything I could and not achieving things in life is ok. 

This even meant a lot. In the grand scheme of things I was only climbing a mountain. I kept telling myself this a lot, I am just climbing a mountain.

Not to belittle what we are doing, as what we do means a lot to us but in the grand scheme of life all we are doing is:

  • Having an exhibition 
  • Selling a piece of art in exchange for money
  • Making art
  • Climbing a mountain

The next time you get overwhelmed by a task you are completing, tell yourself ‘ I am only doing XYZ’ – see if it works.

You can watch below or listen to episode 77 of the Your Art Matters podcast: https://www.unitedartspace.org/the-podcast/