Making and Selling Art is Like Cooking

I am no cook, but I have been making soup recently – a veggie soup – and the first effort was a disaster. I added so much salt, I drank about 3 litres of water after I ate it.

I made it again and it was better.

Then I made it again and it was even better, this time adding a bit of garnish too.

As I was cooking the same soup over and over again, it got me thinking about how making and selling art is very much like cooking.

In this episode I share:


  • How modifying the making and selling process one small step at a time can be the answer to what is/not working
  • How you can create more powerful art and find what you want to do
  • A list of variables that affect selling
  • How tweaking just one or two variables can be powerful when making and selling


To make great art takes practice and perseverance. It’s nothing to do with whether you have a natural ability or special talent. You grow skill from practice, practice, practice.

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Take care everyone,
Michelle xo