Making art that sells – a term some people love and for some it brings feelings of guilt, shame and a sense of selling your soul.

This week, I explore this topic as it relates to making art with the intention of selling.

For me two primary considerations contribute towards sales:

  1. Making art (or anything) that is like you – by this I mean leaning into what makes you unique.  Your art reflects you, and the more you understand this, the more you can communicate this.  This applies to what you make, identifying what makes your work different to everyone else, and also leaning into your story – as there is a story behind every artist and every artwork.
  2. Learning what people want – this means either getting to know your audience, if you have one and learning what sells.  A particular frame?? A certain animal??  Or if you don’t have an audience, it’s about looking at a particular area of art you are interested in and looking around to see what works.  Taking note of scale, frames, patterns, colours and so on.

This what I talk about in today’s episode.

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