Have you ever faced a goal so daunting that it felt impossible? I certainly have, and today I want to share how I’ve managed to turn some of those seemingly impossible tasks into reality. This year, I’ve set goals that stretched me beyond anything I’ve ever done before. Initially, they seemed insurmountable, but now, they’re starting to manifest. The key? Two major shifts in my mindset and approach.

The Journey of Writing a Book

I’m currently in the final stages of finishing my book, set to release on August 6th. For those who’ve been following me, you know that writing a book has been a mammoth task for many reasons. Just a few months ago, it felt impossible. I still don’t think I’ll truly believe it’s real until I hold it in my hands. This journey has been strange and challenging, but incredibly rewarding.

Hosting an Event

On August 16th, I’m hosting an event that, back in January, felt just as daunting as writing the book. Organizing an event, securing speakers, and creating an amazing experience in a beautiful location seemed like an impossible feat. Yet, here I am, making it happen.

The Elusive Money Goal

For three years, I’ve been chasing a significant money goal that always felt out of reach. It seemed so far-fetched that I often questioned the point of even having it. But this year, with everything falling into place, I can see that I’m on track to hit that goal. It’s no longer ridiculous; it’s within reach.

The Mattress Epiphany

A seemingly trivial incident with an Ikea sofa bed taught me a profound lesson about mindset. I bought a sofa bed that was the perfect size for my guest room but incredibly uncomfortable. To fix this, I bought a mattress topper, only to realize it was too large to store easily. For weeks, it became an obstacle, taking up space and causing frustration.

One day, inspired by the Mindvalley philosophy of always being open to solutions, I changed my approach. Instead of viewing the mattress as a problem with no solution, I decided there had to be an answer. The very next day, while tidying up, I discovered that the mattress could fit perfectly behind the sofa bed. It was a simple solution, but it only became apparent once I changed my mindset.

The Power of Belief

This mattress incident made me realize how often we dismiss challenges as impossible without giving ourselves a chance to find solutions. For years, I told myself that my money goal was ridiculous and out of reach. But now, by changing my mindset and believing that it’s achievable, I’m making progress.

Energy and Manifestation

Another crucial aspect of making the impossible possible is the energy we bring to our goals. I’ve been consciously working on putting positive energy into my endeavors. Whether it’s the book, the event, or financial goals, approaching them with a sense of certainty and excitement has made a significant difference. Feeling connected and excited about your goals can amplify your ability to achieve them.

Reframing Challenges

Recently, I missed a flight and had to reframe the entire situation to avoid spiraling into negativity. By pretending that the new, more complicated travel plan was the original one, I managed to maintain a positive outlook and even enjoy the journey. This experience reinforced the importance of reframing challenges to keep moving forward.

Your Art Matters

In my upcoming book, “Your Art Matters,” I delve deeper into the importance of feeling connected to your goals and dreams. Whether it’s pursuing your art, achieving financial stability, or any other aspiration, the key is to genuinely feel the excitement and possibility of achieving it. This emotional connection can drive you to overcome obstacles and make the impossible possible.


Turning the impossible into possible requires a shift in mindset and energy. By believing in solutions, reframing challenges, and connecting emotionally with our goals, we can achieve remarkable things. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Share your experiences and insights on social media, and stay tuned for the release of my book. Together, let’s make the impossible possible.


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