Last week I was sorting the kitchen drawer out, you know the drawer that everything gets dumped into?


I found my old school reports and wow, they were hard to read.  They brought tears.

Both painful tears and happy tears.


In this week’s episode I share personal insights into my past and how I went from despair to creating United ArtSpace.


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For years my past experiences dictated my ability to succeed.  My stories of being inadequate, lack of education, lack of skill – zero evidence of capability.


I felt like everything I touched failed.  I thought at one point that I was broken and that I carried a bad omen that affected myself and everyone around me.


I started to withdraw and felt utterly hopeless and unfulfilled.


It’s a stark contrast to how I feel nowadays, which is why I feel passionate about sharing my story so others who are feeling same, or have felt the same know there is always a new chapter.

We have the power to re-write our own story.  Today.

Have a great week.

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Take care everyone,
Michelle xo