I have been seeing lots of people comment and say the same thing. They are struggling to get motivated. They are feeling tired but don’t feel like they can take a break. I get this feeling. It is winter and we are running up to Christmas and it’s a lot.

It is really interesting actually as I always struggle with the thought of having a break. When my head is in the game I find it so hard to switch off. I have the fear. This is my analogy of it:

When we are working away, it is like being on a train at full speed that just keeps going. We are getting things done. We are looking to achieve our goals and we are in the motion of doing it. So, to take a break we have to get off the train. Jump. Then, when we are ready we have to get back onto the train which is still going at full steam.

The thought of this is a little overwhelming but it’s so important to take breaks. It allows our mind to reset.

There is a quote by Banksy that we’ve shared on our socials recently. It says: “If you get tired, learn to rest and not quit”.

As we are approaching the end of the year, I have been trying to wind down and take a break with my kids over Christmas. However, there is this fear of what happens when we stop – will I be able to get back on that train?

As humans, we all need time to stop. To be still and to revive ourselves, but it is knowing when to stop which is key.

Our lives are busy. We are working, we are socialising, some of you will be parents, you have a house to look after, the list goes on. Our brains can get full very quickly and it can only last for so long until our bodies say – STOP.

For me, when things are getting too much and I start to feel this weight bearing down, it’s a sign I need to stop and pull back slightly. My brain is overwhelmed with things that need to be done and I need to stop adding to it. It may be I just take an afternoon or evening to myself. Hide my phone away and just be. Or it may be I look at what I have got to get done and prioritise the important and let some of the other things go for a while.

It is okay to sit back and take a break – this isn’t giving up. This is understanding your mind and body and allowing it to do its own thing. Knowing that we are in control and that taking a break won’t mean the world is ending. Our brain can trick us into thinking that we might not be able to start back up again, but when you are ready, you will.


Be in the moment with your thoughts. Just take a break and put things into perspective – work, life, art.